Makeover: Before and After Pic

Before pic J sep 8 2013


After pic J 2013

After:  Every season is a good time for a makeover because our skin color changes — and with new seasons, come new styles and color changes in clothing — and makeup!

Mary Kay – Makeover Selection:

Foundation: Beige 3 Luminous, Beige 1 Concealer, Mineral Bronzing in Dessert Sun (lightly applied to cheeks).

Eye shadow (all mineral):  Spun silk (entire eye from base of lid to brow), Almond and Sienna (outer “v”), Midnight Star (on outer 2/3 of lid), Gold Coast applied lightly, just under the brow on outer 1/3-1/2 of lid and lightly on lower and upper inner side (not inside) lid (no more than 1/5 of the way). The highlighting with Gold Coast will create a gleam in the eyes and is very popular right now. It’s so important to blend repeatedly and then blend some more. I use a “windshield wiper” motion and then a circular motion in areas that are hard to blend.

Eyeliner: Line upper eyes from end to end, next, press liner into lower lashes from outer edge to halfway to the center of the iris. Make sure the lower liner is slightly thinner than the upper eyes. Doing this “lifts” the eyes upwards, instead of drawing them down.

Mascara: Ultimate Mascara in Black

Brows: Classic Blonde. Use light, feathery strokes to apply brow liner.

Lip Liner: Neutral. Apply to bow of lip in a feathery stroke, line upper and lower lips and then line inside the entire lip area. This keeps lipstick on longer and resists vertical running, plus, you can amplify your lips by lining slightly outside the line.

Lips: Whipped Berries. Apply and blot — twice.

Lip Gloss: Apply Teddy Bare (or Cream and Sugar) lightly over center part of lips so they look slightly larger, blending slightly outwards, but not to end of lips.


My client-model asked for a quick look that’s easily repeatable, but with a little extra pizzazz. Notice how she seems to glow from within in the After pic. Choosing the right foundation makes a big difference.

Prior to the makeover, model applied: Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser, Day Solution, Age-Fighting Moisturizer and Firming Eye cream and Satin Lips.

When applying eye color,  if a color is too dark and doesn’t seem to blend, use a lighter shade that has no shimmer and blend it over the darker shade (right where the two colors collide), so the blending looks flawless.

Regarding concealer: Lightly place only where darkness occurs. Never highlight puffy areas — they will only look puffier. Remember: highlight is meant to “raise an area” or remove darkness.


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